RhoVac announces that the final patient in the clinical phase I/II study has had his/her blood sample taken

29 March, 2018

RhoVac AB (“RhoVac”) announced today 29th March 2018 that the last patient enrolled in the clinical phase I/II study with RhoVac’s drug candidate RV001, also had his/her blood sample drawn for immunological analysis.

The company’s drug candidate RV001 is an antigen that activates T-cells in the immune system to identify and eliminate cancer cells overexpressing the protein RhoC. As RhoC is overexpressed in metastatic cells in practically all cancer types (and not in the mother tumor cells), RV001 can be used for treatment of a broad range of cancer indications. RhoVac’s aim is that the product under development, RV001, should be used in combination with other treatments. For example, the mother tumor to be removed by conventional methods, such as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy and then the patient is treated with RV001 to prevent or limit the spread of metastasis and recurrence of cancer.

RhoVac’s drug candidate RV001 is in Phase I/II clinical trial with diagnosed prostate cancer patients. The primary goal of the study is to evaluate the safety and tolerability of treatment with RV001. In addition, the study also aims at evaluating whether RV001 can mediate specific immune responses.

The 22 patients in clinical I/II phase study were all diagnosed with prostate cancer and had removed the mother tumor prior to this study. Patient recruitment to the study was completed in July 2017 and patients have been treated with 11 subcutaneous injections for approximately 30 weeks. The last treatment took place in February 2018. Blood samples have been drawn from these patients for monitoring of product-mediated immune response to treatment before, during and after the treatment phase. As the last blood sample from the last patient was drawn on March 23rd 2018, all samples have now been sent to the University of Tübingen, Germany, for immunological analysis. The data will be sent for statistical analysis at the end of the second quarter of 2018. The reporting of top line results is expected to take place mid-2018.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Ljungqvist – VD, RhoVac AB
Phone: +45 4083 2365
E-mail: alj@rhovac.com

About RhoVac AB
RhoVac AB conducts research and development of immunotherapeutic drugs. The company’s main focus is the development of a therapeutic cancer vaccine with the potential to prevent or limit metastasis in cancer. RhoVac’s first drug candidate has completed pre-clinical phase and clinical phase I / II study has started spring 2017. RhoVac has its head office at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. The research has been conducted since 2007 primarily at the University Hospital in Herlev, Denmark, by a world-class research team in its niche. RhoVac is listed on Spotlight Stock Market, Sweden, a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF), since March 2016. The share is traded under the ticker RHOVAC. Read more at www.rhovac.com.