Financial Reports


Interim report Q1 2020 (in _Swedish)


Interim Report Q4 2019 (in Swedish)
Interim Report Q3 2019 (in Swedish)
Interim Report Q2 2019 (in Swedish)
Interim Report Q1 2019 (in Swedish)


Annual Report 2018 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q4, 2018 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q3, 2018 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q2, 2018 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q1, 2018 (In Swedish), (pdf)


Annual Report 2017 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q4, 2017 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q3, 2017 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q2, 2017 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q1, 2017 (In Swedish), (pdf)


Annual Report 2016 (In Swedish)
Interim Report Q4, 2016 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q3, 2016 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q2, 2016 (In Swedish), (pdf)
Interim Report Q1, 2016 (In Swedish), (pdf)

Notice to convene the EGM on 10 January 2017
Complete Decision Directives for the EGM in RhoVac AB – 170110 (In Swedish) (pdf)
Power of Attorney Form Extraordinary Annual General Meeting – 170110 (In Swedish) (pdf)
Appendix 3: The Board of Directors’ Report (In Swedish) (pdf)
The Auditor’s Statement Regarding the Board of Director’s Report (In Swedish) (pdf)

Use of subscription options for series TO 1
Teaser (In Swedish) (pdf)
Registration Form (In Swedish) (pdf)

Annual general meeting of shareholders in RhoVac AB (publ), 10 May 2016
Complete Proposed Resolutions for the AGM – 160510 (In Swedish) (pdf)
Power of Attorney Form AGM – 160510 (In Swedish) (pdf)

Issue of units prior to planned listing on Spotlight Stock Market
Prospectus (In Swedish) (pdf)
Teaser (In Swedish) (pdf)
Notification Slip (In Swedish) (pdf)


Annual Report 2015 (In Swedish)

Notice to convene the EGM on 05 January 2016
Complete Adopted Resolutions RhoVac 160105 (In Swedish) (pdf)
Complete Terms and Conditions for TO 1 (In Swedish) (pdf)
Power of Attorney Form EGM – 160105 (In Swedish) (pdf)
The Board of Directors’ Report (In Swedish) (pdf)
The Auditor’s Statement in Accordance with Chapter 13 Section 6 and Chapter 14 Section 8 of the Swedish Companies Act (In Swedish) (pdf)


Interim report 2 2020

28 August 2020

Interim report 3 2020

13 November 2020

Year end report 2020

12 February 2021

Annual general meeting

19 May 2021