Targeting Metastases to prevent recurrence and progression of Cancer

Our vision is to contribute to future therapy by targeting metastases to prevent recurrence and progression of cancer. Unlike popular belief, cancer patients seldom die of the primary tumours; it is generally the secondary tumours, known as metastases, that kill. We have found a unique common marker for metastasising cancer cells, and our intended treatment stimulates the immune system to attack cells carrying this marker. This has the potential to prevent or treat early formation of metastases, and as such to prevent recurrence and progression of cancer after primary tumour therapy.

Our drug candidate, RV001

RhoVac has developed a drug candidate, RV001, that can stimulate the body’s own immune system to identify and destroy cell that over-express the protein RhoC, something that is unique to metastatic cancer cells.


Our strategy can be summarised as follows:

We will maintain full focus on RV001 as our drug candidate. RV001 has a broad potential and can probably be applied in many different cancer indications to prevent cancer recurrence after primary tumour therapy.

Clinical Program
We will conduct a clinical phase IIb program: More than 175 prostate cancer patients will be included. The study will engage clinics in several EU countries and presumably also some clinics in the USA. On top of this study, we also aim to conduct a smaller explorative study in several different cancer indications, possibly a combination study.

”Targeting metastases to prevent cancer recurrence and progression after primary tumour therapy”.

RhoVac seeks a partnership among larger oncology focused pharmaceutical companies, companies that have the capability and the financial strength to run a broad-based phase III program and that, after regulatory approval, are able to successfully launch the product globally.