Senior Executives

Anders Månsson | Chief Executive Officer

Anders Månsson has more than 25 years of experience in Pharmaceuticals. He has held senior executive positions in multinational companies both in Sweden and abroad. He has worked most of his career in Business Development and in sales & marketing, is an experienced ”deal maker”. In recent years Mr Månsson has also held several board positions in Swedish biotech, and recently he was also the CEO of a biotech company in the stem cell area.

Shareholding: 31 820

Henrik Stage | Chief Financial Officer

Henrik Stage has an MSc in Finance and more than 25 years’ experience in leading biotechnology and finance sectors positions. Mr. Stage has a background including several pharmaceutical deals and was involved in the successful exit of Santaris Pharma, which was sold to Roche for USD 450 million in 2014. Mr. Stage is a partner in Ventac Partners and is a part-owner of Ventac Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd., which owns shares in RhoVac.

Shareholding: 11 112

Anders Ljungqvist | Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

Anders Ljungqvist is a co-founder, chief operating officer, and board member in RhoVac. Ljungqvist has been a board member in RhoVac ApS since 2008 and in RhoVac AB since its establishment in 2015. He has an MSc in Pharmacy and more than 35 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Ljungqvist has extensive expertise such in fields as project management, product formulation and regulatory issues. As Board Chair, he was involved in the successful exit of SurVac ApS.

Shareholding: 1 440 225