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"RhoVac conducts research and
development on therapeutic
cancer vaccines."



RhoVac is a biotechnology company conducting research and development in immunotherapy, more specifically – on therapeutic cancer vaccines. The company’s primary focus is to develop a drug with the potential to prevent or limit metastases in metastatic cancers.

Group Relationships and Shareholdings

The RhoVac Group comprises parent company RhoVac AB and the wholly-owned subsidiary RhoVac ApS. All operations are conducted through the subsidiary. RhoVac AB’s only business activity is ownership of the RhoVac ApS subsidiary. RhoVac has no shareholdings in any companies other than the above.

Business model

RhoVac intends to license or sell all, or part of, operations at the earliest after completion of Phase I/II Studies have been completed. The Board continually evaluates how best to create value in the company, concentrating on generating value by licensing or selling operations.


A brief overview of RhoVac’s history is presented below. RhoVac ApS was established in 2007. RhoVac AB, the group parent company, was established November 2015.



Visiting address: Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 2, Lund, Sweden | Postal address: Medicon Village AB, SE-223 81 Lund, Sweden

+46 73-751 72 78 info@rhovac.com

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 816773.

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Timeline Event
2007 RhoVac ApS established and commences operations.
2007 National patent application submitted.
2008 International patent application submitted.
2009 RhoVac completes toxicology study (non-GLP) with good results.
2009 RhoVac is approved for an Innovation loan from Nordea Fonden (DK).
2012 RhoVac receives development funding from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.
2013 Patent granted in Australia.
2014 RhoVac establishes cooperation with Ventac Partners.
2015 Patent granted in Japan.
2015 Patent granted in USA.
2015 Process development of the pharmaceutical substance and analytical development.
2015 RhoVac initiates toxicology study in accordance with GLP.
2015 First batch of the pharmaceutical substance is produced and stability studies commence.
2015 RhoVac AB established.
2016 RhoVac AB Listed on Spotlight Stock Market.
2016 Report submitted on the clear Toxicology Study.
2016 Production of pharmaceutical drug substance and pharmaceutical product concluded.
2016 Application for clinical trial submitted.
2016 Research collaboration with the University of Tübingen in Germany commenced.
2017 Approval granted for start of Clinical Phase I/II Study.
2017 Patent granted by the European Patent Office.
2017 Second patent granted by the Japanese Patent Office.
2017 First patient treated in the Clinical Phase I/II Study
2017 Complete patient recruitment to ongoing Clinical Phase I/II study
2017 Treatment of all patients in the Clinical Phase I/II Study
2017 Defintion of the Clinical Phase IIb programme
2018 Completion of treament for all patients in the Clinical Phase I/II study
2018 Summary and Final Report of the Clinical Phase I/II Study